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Certification and quality

We deliver high quality sand and gravel which meets stringent requirements from the market. To guarantee these high demands we possess multiple certifications.

We were awarded the KIWA BRL-K240 certificate for our filter sand. Our filter sand is certified for use in drinking water production. This sand, which is extracted from natural deposits, has been thoroughly tested and assessed on toxicological, organoleptic and microbiological aspects.

Quality control
Quality control is one of our central features. Sand and gravel is extracted from natural sources. Our internal quality control ensures continuous and accurate monitoring of processes.

We have assigned KIWA Netherlands to certify the sand and gravel we supply to the market. The target is to supply our customers with sand and gravel which meets the stringent requirements set for materials used for drinking water production.

We possess a number of certificates to ensure a high quality product:

  • KIWA product certificate, sand and gravel for drinking water production
  • ISO 9001:2015 certification
  • ISA Sport certification for infill sand (M4-a, M4-b)

All our certificates are available upon request.

ISO 9001 certification

Since December 2016 we are ISO 9001:2015 certified. Kiwa has determined that our quality control system meets the EN-ISO 9001:2015 standard for: extraction, sieving, washing, drying, mixing to customer specification, packing and delivery of sand and gravel.

This certification is the latest ISO 9001 version and certifies that the quality management system of Kremer Sand and Gravel meets all the standard rquirements.

Download the certificate (NL)

Certification & quality assurance

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Would you like to order sand or would you like to know more about our range of sand and gravel or the ordering process? Please contact our sales department. 

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