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Sand and gravel extraction

To guarantee pure sand, we have our own sand and gravel extraction locations. We extract sand from locations in Sellingen (NL) Rhede/Barlo (D).


Sustainability is very important to us. We extract sand from nature but also give back to nature. Once we are finished extracting at a certain location, we return the site to nature and allow nature reserves to evolve. This way attractive nature area's emerge around all our sand holes.

We possess all the necessary environmental permits and invest in modern equipment to relieve nature as much as possible.


To work as safely as possible, we use electrical dredgers with GPS locators. This way our skippers can locate the exact location of the dredge and the depth of the exctraction. This allows for efficient and safe working and the prevention of accidents. On all our properties we have strict traffic- and safety regulations.

Certification & quality assurance

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Would you like to order sand or would you like to know more about our range of sand and gravel or the ordering process? Please contact our sales department. 

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