Specific applications

Railway sand for locomotives

Railway sand can be used as traction sand as well as braking sand for trains, trams and other locomotives. We provide calibrated sand to the railway sector for applications such as trains, trams, metros or subways.

Breaking sand is an excellent preventive measure to stop trains and trams sliding when the brakes are applied. We recommend the use of a mixture of calibrated sand in various grain sizes, which is spread between the train wheels and the tracks. This creates a specific level of friction.

Our railway sand is available from stock. You can enter into regular scheduled delivery agreements, but we also offer you the flexibility of fast delivery for a one-off delivery. Order braking sand directly from our sales department. They will be delighted to tell you more about entering into delivery agreements.

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Would you like to order sand or would you like to know more about our range of sand and gravel or the ordering process? Please contact our sales department. 

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